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'Watch in English' is an awesome blog where you can find lots of videos with really good subtitles. Give it a try!

BBC Radio 'Six Minutes English'

BBC radio has a section called 'Six Minute English' where, weekly, you can download a new podcast to learn and practise useful English language for everyday situations. Suggestive titles such as 'Will robots take our jobs?', 'The earth's core', 'Evolution before Darwin', 'Are models too skinny?', 'Food banks', 'The impact of plastic'... can be found here

You will listen to two radio presenters commenting on a piece of news, interviewing experts about the topic and even proposing each other a challenging quiz (only one question with three possible answers) which will be solved at the end, completing the information about the aim of each programme.

Have a look at this brand new link.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio file that you download from the Internet. After you download it, you can listen to it on your computer or on an MP3/portable music player. You can subscribe to a podcast so that it is delivered to you automatically each day, just like a newspaper.

Have a look at this new link to practise your English, you'll find fascinating topics and culture spots of your interest: 

TED: Ideas worth spreading

A great, free Internet resource for anyone who loves to learn online is the website www.TED.com (Technology, Entertainment, Design). TED provides fascinating discussions and lectures about important and interesting topics – for free. TED offers us many wonderful opportunities to expand our knowledge base and change our lives.

Have a look at the website www.TED.com: a fascinating way to practise English.


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