English drama workshop

English Drama Workshop


The English Soirée is the I.E.S. “Valle del Jerte” theatre group: it is formed by 18 members (15 students and 3 teachers) who love English and theatre.The group was born in October 2012 and we rehearse 2 hours a week in the library of the highschool.
Our acting consists of a dramatized reading enhanced by the projection of images or shadows on a screen, a touch of costume and the sound effects and music composed by ourselves. For the topics of the plays we concentrate on traditional stories and legends from other cultures in our wish to open windows to tolerance and new viewpoints.

 Our troupe

Period 2018-19


Raúl Moriano, Cristina Regidor, Gonzalo Núñez, César Prieta, Esther Sánchez, Noel Prieto, Alicia Domínguez, Ekaron Reyes, Eduardo Ramos, Mario Rey, Natalia Maldonado, Gabriel Miguel, Diego Santiago


María Serrano
PROMPTER Cristina Regidor
SCENARY Julia Montes (with the help of Fran Méndez & Maxi Pérez)
CLOTHING Sara San Román
DIRECTORS Sara San Román & Adolfo Gómez Tomé

Period 2013-14

ACTORS Carmen Barbero, Paula Blas, Andrea Carrón, Silvia Castro, Christian Flores,  Elena García, Aarón González, Anabel González, Lucía Herrera, María Martín, Alejandra Oliva, Ana Pascual, María Robles, Nerea Sánchez and  Raúl Tirado.
MUSIC Manuel Curiel
DIRECTORS Adolfo G. Tomé  & Celia González

Period 2012-13

ACTORS Angie M. Alfonso, Manuel Curiel, José Luis Domínguez, Esther González, Jorge González, Laura López,  Jaime López, Laura Martín, Charo Rodríguez, Elena Serradilla, Mercedes Serrano, Karen L. Triana y Erika de Vicente.
MUSIC Manuel Curiel
COSTUMES Charo Rodríguez
DIRECTOR Adolfo Gómez Tomé


 Our plays

A Midsummer Night's Dreamt

After 8 months working in our weekly workshop on this adaptation of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, the bilingual students of 2 ESO are now ready to present the play to you: Athens. Hermia and Lysander love each other. Helena loves Demetrius... But Demetrius loves Hermia. In the fairy world, King Oberon wants to use his magic to make Demetrius love Helena, but his servant Puck makes everything wrong and the four lovers start fighting. On top of that, Queen Titania, King Oberon's wife, falls in love with an actor wearing a donkey mask. Fortunately, at the end all is sorted out and love is finally in the air.


We're Going on a Bear Hunt

The story is based on an American traditional song for children. It tells the adventures a family have on their way to the bear hunt: deep rivers, dark forests, whirling snowstorms or gloomy caves...
Illustrations by Helen Oxenbury.
Text by Michael Rosen.

The Calabash Kids

This tale comes from the Bantu people who live on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania): The prayers of a lonely woman (Shindo) are answered by the Great Mountain Spirit when her gourds change into children, who, willingly, will help her with the daily chores. All the brothers will help but simple-minded Kitete, who will just sit there by the fire. Precisely, it will be this slow-witted Kitete who, unintentionally, will teach his mother the benefits of being always kind and loving.

Adapted for theatre by Aaron Shepard.

The Millionaire Miser

This tale appears in the Jataka, a gigantic collection of legends and fables compiled by Buddhists in the 5th century A.D: Sushil, an Indian man, is so stingy that he refuses to share the food even with his own wife Nirmala. Sakka, the King of Heaven, takes notice and decides to teach him not to be such a miser, coming down to earth and making himself look just like Sushil! With the help of Nirmala and the Rajah they will finally make Sushil a little more generous person.


Music by Ravi Shankar.
Adapted for theatre by Aaron Shepard.

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